Clear Organic Capsules Size 1 - 60 count - Beautiful Earth Organics

Clear Organic Capsules Size 1 – 60 count




PURE INGREDIENTS: Pullulan is FDA-approved, food-grade all-vegan product made from fermented starch


Directions: Fill 1/2 of the capsule and apply the other side then insert into rectum past the sphincter muscle.


Our hemp CBD oil is extracted from strains of non-psychotropic hemp with less than .3% THC. . This is why the government declares them as legal.

CO2 Extraction

Our Hemp CBD Oil is all-natural . It is extracted using Super Critical (cold) CO2 fluid extraction, a safe, non-toxic, and sustainable method that does not harm any heat-sensitive nutrients.

Natural Health

When properly extracted and blended with terpenes, CBD may help reduce pain and may play a preventative and supporting role in treating many issues

Safe & Legal

Unlike Medical Marijuana, you do not need a prescription to purchase our High Concentration CBD Hemp Oil and Paste. Our CBD is a whole plant extract.