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Nella Fusco, Beautiful Earth Organics

My name is Nella and I own a kombucha company in Florida. Healthy living and getting to the root cause of ailments has been a passion of mine since 2009. I was in the care of many doctors for my stomach ailments since I was a little girl, but to no avail they never were able to get to the root cause of my problems.

I was introduced to kombucha in 2009, which led me to my path in learning about the gut/microbiome and how it directly correlates with ailments and how we physically feel. That path led me to medical marijuana in 2014, and I worked closely with a doctor who helped/taught me about the endocannabinoid system. I incorporated  THC/CBD products into my life and realized how well my body responded.

Fast forward to 2016, I met Patty and Bruce at a farmers market in Melbourne and we talked about my journey with medical marijuana and what it did for me. I was having flare ups again after having my son in 2015 and told Patty and Bruce what I was experiencing and that’s when they introduced their CBD oil to me. I would take it internally and apply it topically to my stomach and gal bladder area, within 20 minutes my inflammation and pain would subside. I used their oil everyday and noticed my flare ups were happening less as time went on and then I started using it topically, which would immediately eliminate pain from my joints.

Over the last 6 years I have sold BEO CBD oil to my customs at markets, who have all forms of ailments and they agree that Beautiful Earth Organics has been the most effective. To prove my theory that this oil was in fact the best, I started to experiment with other CBD companies and I was disappointed with every single one. I wouldn’t suggest a company without trying it on myself first, and I continue to be amazed at how well Beautiful Earth Organics CBD oil works and what it’s done for me and my health.

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Beautiful Earth Organics CBD Oil and Paste - Matthew Rodriguez
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Best of Both Worlds Combo: 1- 1500ML of CBD Oil and 1 10ML of CBD Paste. Recommended dosage is determined based on your ailments.

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COAs are available (Certificates of Analysis) on our website. We have all of our products tested by independent labs for effectiveness and quality.

Just a little bit about CBD….

Scientists have identified 483 phytochemicals in Hemp plants. These are the compounds that give fruits, flowers and herbs many of their desirable aromas, flavors and other special properties.

A special sub-class of Terpenoids are the Cannabinoids. There are over 60 of them in Hemp – which is one of the highest natural concentrations of phyto-cannabinoids found in the plant kingdom. Hemp stands alone in the plant kingdom, it literally is a treasure chest of nutrition.

The Cannabinoids each have their own individual properties which is creating plenty of excitement in the scientific community. Different compounds, cannabinoids, have synergistic effects when the whole symphony of phytonutrients are consumed together.

Call me – Nella Fusco awakenkombucha@gmail.com or Beautiful Earth Organics 321*372*1029 and let me share with you how our CBD Oil and Paste can make a remarkable difference in your health.

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