Beautiful Earth Organics CBD

Why Beautiful Earth Organics is a Premium CBD Product

We suggest Green Paste if you are a cancer patient.

We use CO2 Extraction Methods, which are the cleanest in the industry.

Our paste full spectrum, undiluted extract which provides optimal health benefits

To amplify the strength of our paste we add additional key Terpenes, this makes our CBD exponentially more powerful and effective.

Beautiful Earth Organics has one of the highest concentrations and the lowest price per milligram .

Our mission is for our CBD Oil to be affordable everyone can have amazing health.

For more information about our beginnings and how CBD benefits the body:



*10ml Syringe: 30 Day Supply for optimal potency

*5ml Syringe: 15 Day Supply for optimal potency

* 1ml Syringe 2-3 Day Supply for optimal potency


 Oil:    1000 mg plus:  half a dropper twice a day 

          1500mg plus:  half a dropper twice a day

General Suggested Instructions (You are welcomed to use as little or as much as needed): 

FOR BASIC USE: Take 3 times a day. One dose equals the length from your fingertip to the crease. (@@@@@ Size comparison) GINGERLY press the plunger and apply paste to finger, place paste under tongue. Hold under tongue for two minutes, do not eat or drink 5 min before or after.

FOR PAIN: We also suggest taking oregano oil in a capsule paired with our other products, it is very strong so please check with your physician to see if its ok for you to take it.

FOR CANCER: If you have cancer or a debilitating disease please use the paste rectally until the problem has gone as well as twice a day under your tongue.

Directions for Rectal usage:
Once every evening put the oil into a Gel Cap purchased at your health food store. Fill half of one side of the capsule and insert while hips up on the couch or bed. Do not do it in the bathroom standing or sitting it will run out. Using gel caps is suggested for application, any other way will lose too much oil.

Topical use:
Apply to the bottom of the feet incase person is unwilling to ingest. Use for burns, cuts, scrapes and clean wounds, acne, rashes, and other minor skin conditions. Mix 1/4 syringe (2.5ml) into 4 oz of coconut oil in a double boiler sauce pan. Warm to 120 degrees (NO higher or will kill the Cannabinoids), mix well and then let cool. Its amazing for the face, gives you a “golden glow”. Plus it works medicinally while you are soaking up nutrients through your largest organ, the skin.

We suggest a diet of all Organic Fruit (small amount), pealed Veggies, small amounts of trimmed meats and grass fed and free range eggs.

Drink 4 – 8oz.glasses of filtered water a day with a quarter of organic lemon (lemon must be squeezed, as this is where the medicinal properties come from lemon water will help alkaline the body) and herbal caffeine free tea.

****** No fish due to Mercury levels. ******
No Alcohol
No Sugar
No grains
No Food Dyes
No Hair Dyes
No Dairy
No Nuts
No Chemicals at all become totally Organic
No Supplements

Be aware many juices are full of sugars and tend to stick to the intestines.

Masticating (chewing) your food is the way the enzymes get into your gut to help distribute the nutrition.

Omegas: Hemp seed oil and Hemp seeds are super omegas! Get them into your diet as much as you can. The oil cannot be heated just pour over veggies for best results.

This Diet and CBD have been Known to pull many people out of disease!

Remember there are very inexpensive CBD oils out there. Our Oil works and we have proof. That’s our claim and we are sticking to it!

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