CBD and the ACNE Map

We know the internal benefits and the topical benefits of CBD. It’s just science. We know how the endocannabinoid system works and what role it plays in our body.

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What about our LARGEST organ? our Skin! Look at the Acne map above. Our skin is reactionary to where we live, what we put in our bodies, how healthy we are, what we do for our beauty regime. Look at some more contributing factors.

Product Build up?

See all the spots that is says “product buildup”? Take this time to go and look what are in those products that you are using that may be causing the breakouts. Some carcinogens, such as formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, are common in personal care products, while others are less common, but still occasionally present. (article carcinogens in cosmetics)


See all the spots that relate to supplements that we may be missing? We suggest no supplements and just utilize a good CBD regime with a good sourced product free of toxins. The balance your body will in, will help rejuvenate your cells to start providing you with what you need! <==thats not a claim – just common sense – a well balanced body will heal itself.

You are what you eat!

See all the spots that talk about food? We condone the consumption of products that have no ingredients <===what doesn’t have an ingredient these days? Well, rest assured, that anything that comes in a package will have a list of ingredients. Eat REAL Greens – Eat REAL food.


What about Stress? We condone a healthy lifestyle. Daily workouts do not have to include lifting weights or radical plan. Simple body weight exercises will do the trick and increase your natural endorphin levels. Workouts of any type have a tendency to burn off cortisol which is the stress hormone – this can help you in so many ways.

Start small. Love yourself.

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Call us at Beautiful Earth Organics. We want to be your health coach and CBD educator. What Action you take with our research and education can change your life. We will provide you with the education, and you can ask all the questions you want – we will have the answers.

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