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This is our story!!!
Our family was going through rough times…

Michelle Gordanier

We researched and prayed to find answers to our health problems, especially for our son Luke who had been diagnosed with Autism/ ADHD!


We tried various brands of CBD, health supplements, and even tried conventional medications! Nothing worked, in fact the prescribed medications further worsened his mood swings and caused suicidal thoughts! 

One day, I was just browsing Facebook and noticed a post about CBD and a phone number to call. That was a life changing call! Patty Prince answered the phone and we spoke for what seemed like hours! I’ve never in my life met anyone like her; so kind, selfless and genuine! 

Immediately we saw improvements with the first shipment of CBD! The first improvement was how quickly we fell asleep and the quality of our sleep! Second, the anxiety was already starting to lift! As the years have passed so many miraculous improvements have taken place!


My son was the most severe before Beautiful Earth Organics, so our main focus was him recovering first. However, our whole family has benefited in ways you wouldn’t believe! 

Luke had an ALL DAY para and struggled significantly in school and with socializing.His main issues were sensory overload, stemming(throwing himself on the ground/rocking back and forth/flapping his arms and repetitive movements), he was unable to focus and follow multi-step directions! He often had anger outbursts,  limited ability to read body language/social cues, suffered from frequent seizures, body aches/pains and severe anxiety! Anxiety so bad it made him literally disconnect from the world and want to give up. 

The Gordanier Crew!


Since taking CBD from Beautiful Earth Organics all these issues have drastically improved or have dissappeared completely! He used to violently pop his neck all the time, probably every half hour or so. He always felt like it needed to pop.  He no longer pops his neck, he waits to get adjusted. Our Chiropractor was amazed to see Luke doing so well!  

It seems to have been entirely sensory related! There has been a 95% improvement in log rolling his head back and forth, no more throwing himself on the ground, no more seizures, aches and pains are gone, he now can follow multi-step directions and understands body language/social cues much better! Most of all he is more calm!!!

I remember before BEO how our family was limited on the activities we could participate in due to the circumstances.  One event in particular stuck out to me. I had enrolled all the kids in group swim lessons. However, by the second day the swim instructor told me she was Not equipped to handle him and that he needed one on one support! I was crushed and so was Luke! For 2 weeks he watched the kids swim and he sat out with momma in the heat depressed and at times crying. 😭

Today I can tell you he is a different child! He is now enrolled in group swim lessons and is the best swimmer in our family and in his class! He is at level 5 just one level below graduating swim lessons! He does well with directions and with No special support! 

I have to tell you how CBD from Beautiful Earth Organics how helped me too! I had severe and debilitating anxiety since I was 4 years old! My childhood was traumatic to say the least! I hyperventilated so deeply I felt I couldn’t breath and ended up having severe body aches and pains! I was socially awkward because of my condition and became a recluse feeling uncomfortable around people. I was nice and seemed social but I was hiding my problem! I had so much fear related to social situations! 

For the first time since I was 3 I have NO ANXIETY! It’s GONE!  With 5 kids and all the stress we go through I need to stay calm and be at my best! I didn’t know what calm was until I started taking BEO CBD a few years back! I’m a different person, or should I say I found the real me!!!!

My husband has benefited Greatly as well! He has lost weight, reduced his medications, his blood pressure is normal again, his mood has improved and his anxiety dissappeared! That says a lot because at first he didn’t think it would help him! 

The biggest miracle is that early on in our health journey with BEO my husband suffered a Heart Attack! I didn’t know at the time what was wrong with him but immediately gave him CBD paste sublingually!  Within minutes he felt better, but I knew something was wrong and he was rushed to the ER. Byron ended up having Open Heart Surgery with 5 bypasses! He was scared and told my aunt he thought he wouldn’t make it! I was 7 months pregnant with our 5th child at the time. This brought back memories of my mom dying of Heart failure. The CBD really helped me stay calm during this scary time! 

I truly feel that the CBD prevented further damage from his heart attack and helped me stay calm during one of the most scary times of my life! 
My son Kenton reaped the benefits of CBD in-utero during my pregnancy and the 2.5 years I’ve been nursing him. 

All my kids are smart but Kenton is by far the most advanced for his age! I credit the CBD! He already is saying letters, numbers, very quick witted, knows animals/ their sounds, colors, shapes, can explain how he feels! He is so strong and well developed for his age!

Whenever we have pain we rub CBD on it and it gets better! Whenever we feel anxious or hyper we take CBD and we calm down! Whenever we have a skin problem or boo-boo we apply CBD and it heals quickly! We put it on wrinkles and it improves the look of our skin! Consuming CBD has helped regulate our weight and improved our energy! We can focus and stay on task better! We feel Great and Sleep Great! 

Praise the Lord for Bruce & Patty Prince and God Bless their Business! Beautiful Earth Organics has the highest mg’s for the price, purest and even has 3rd party documentation of its authenticity and quality!  You will Never ever find more genuine, caring, selfless, real and dedicated individuals to share the health of CBD with you! 

Please consider Beautiful Earth Organics to bring back health and set you free from disease! We’re never looking back and are  grateful to have found these beautiful people!  Looking forward to helping your family, 😇
Byron & Michelle Gordanier


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Scientists have identified 483 phytochemicals in Hemp plants. These are the compounds that give fruits, flowers and herbs many of their desirable aromas, flavors and other special properties.

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The Cannabinoids each have their own individual properties which is creating plenty of excitement in the scientific community. Different compounds, cannabinoids, have synergistic effects when the whole symphony of phytonutrients are consumed together.

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